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I wanted to share some of my core pages with you and show you some of the other methods some of the girls in our Facebook Group are using to document their Summer Bucket Lists!

I am using the Simple Stories Sn@p Album and cards printed from Persnickety Prints!  If you’re not sure how to get started with prints from Persnickety, I put together a tutorial on how to order journal cards and you can check it out here!

So far I have prints of all the cards released and I’m just getting ready to send in my files for my upcoming new releases!  As I’m putting the album together, I’m finding holes in the products (things I really need for my album), so it’s helping me come up with new ideas for card sets!  In fact this week’s freebie was created specifically to fill a “hole” in my album!!  _ZGL1308

I have put the bulk of my album together.  Right now I have 3 section.  The first section is my Summer Bucket List with Zoe.  This is organized by List Item.  I made a double page spread for each List Item and as we complete that item, I will put the date card in the spread to document the date we did it!  Right now I just kind of randomly slid all the cards in to pockets so I can shuffle them around as I’m putting the album together.  I’m kind of using my album as a storage system so I don’t have to try to keep track of a bunch of loose cards!  _ZGL1312

The second section is for our Summer Vacation.  I used the Journey cards and set up a double page spread for each day of our vacation (Day One, Day Two, etc.)  I plan on taking the entire album with me and journaling each day.  When we get home, I will just print my photos up and slip them in to the empty pockets and that section will be complete!


The third section is My Summer Bucket List.  It will be much shorter than my Bucket List with Zoe but I there are a few things I’d like to do for myself this summer, so I’m going to make a little section at the back of the book for that list.  I’m not sure if I’ll include photos in that section or if I’ll use it more as a journal and a way to keep myself on track!

jen22Here are some other ideas for organizing and documenting your lists!  Jen (jemenifer22) painted this adorable little bucket in chalkboard paint!  She sat down with her son and they painted a bunch of clothes pins in different colors.  She plans to use the bucket all year round and just change out the clothes pins for each season!  And she can decorate the bucket each season with a different title are artwork!

Tanya created this double page digital scrapbook layout with her list!  She used the cards and the paper & element freebies!  I love how she combined two cards to add some patterns to her layout!!

tany2tanya_sunflower And Olivia is creating digital scrapbook layouts in a 8.5 x 11 format for her Summer Bucket List!


Liz put together her list on the chalkboard in her family’s classroom!  (I kinda can’t wait to see the music video- Liz!!)


As you can see there are so many different ways to organize your list!

I have a a sneak peek at one of my new releases this week!  I have a pack of journal cards, another fun pack and a mini-pack of summer holiday cards hitting the market on Thursday!  Here is a peek at the journal cards!  You can enter to win the journal cards here!  Just tell me if you’d rather win the InstaLife version or the Journal Card version!  I’ll come back on Wednesday and pick a winner!!snak_531

Make sure you pick up this week’s blog and facebook freebies too!  I’ll be changing them out with new freebies on Thursday!!




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  1. lmjrocko says:

    Journal Card version please!

  2. Jaclyn F. says:

    The instalife version please!

  3. Tammy Davis says:

    I think I would like the Journal Card version! Thank you so much for the chance to win this cute set!

  4. I am going to use journal cards! :) thanks for a chance to win!

  5. Journal cards would be very appreciated. Thanks for the chance.

  6. LaurieW says:

    decisions, decisions I think if I won I would like the insta life version!

  7. I’m so conflicted!! I don’t know which ones I like best!!!!! So … I think I’m gonna say Journal Card. (But I collect the IL freebies as well!!) I just can’t decided!!! Thanks for the chance to win!! xoxo

  8. Melissa V says:

    Instalife please :)

  9. Theresa says:

    Love the one that says guest check!
    I’m loving both sizes but seem to do more with the journaling card size (creature of habit, I guess!)
    Thanks for the chance.

  10. Jamie Howard-Sears says:

    These look great!! I love both, but I tend to go with Journaling cards more often than not. Thanks for the chance to win!

  11. Krystal M. says:

    I would LOVE to win the journal card version please!! :)

  12. Sara Westhead says:

    So cool… really love the colours of the new cards coming out (esp. that “Guest Check”!) Journal cards for me!

  13. Alyce Anne says:

    Journal cards would be great.

  14. These are great! Appreciate the opportunity! :) Journal cards, if I’m the lucky one, please. Thank you!

  15. Fabulous ideas! I’ve decided to use a pinterest board because I can’t handle the stress I’d put myself under this summer to do an album.


  16. Marcy F. says:

    Like the journal cards.

  17. Journaling cards. Thank you!!

  18. Theresa M says:

    I would love the journaling cards. Thanks.

  19. Journal cards please! Thanks for this great contest

  20. Christelle says:

    Journal card version for me, thanks for the chance!

  21. I’m all about the journal cards, and I love that Guest Check one in the peek! :)

  22. Journal card version, please. Thanks for the chance to win.

  23. Journal cards version.
    Cool !

  24. CherylH says:

    I think I’d like the InstaLife version, but it was a tough choice!

  25. Brandy R says:

    This set looks like it will be amazing!! I can’t wait to see the full reveal. Thanks for the chance to win! I’d prefer journal cards :)

  26. I would love the Guest Check ones! They are wonderful!

  27. Becky Elsinger says:

    Cute set, both versions I am sure will be so cute. I like both formats but I end up using the journal card versions of your products more often.

  28. They look great! I’d love to win, too :)

    I don’t know what InstaLife is, but I’m doing Project Life, so I’ll choose t

  29. They look great! I’d love to win, too :)

    I don’t know what InstaLife is, but I’m doing Project Life, so I’ll choose them at 3×4.

  30. Super cute! Ummm journal card version is probably best. Using both sizes though.

  31. Amandalinz says:

    I’m loving your new kits…I would enjoy journaling cards. Thanks for a chance to win it!

  32. Kan Violen says:

    Journal card version please!

  33. OHH! These look so awesome!!!! Thank you for the chance!! I am a freak for JC’s, so that’s what I would choose if I were lucky enough to win!!!


  34. Karen K. says:

    These look great for journaling! I’d love the journal cards! (Thanks for the chance!)

  35. These look so fun! I use both sizes but…………….. I think I use the journal size more.