I’m so excited to share my new collection with you!  Last year Zoe and I created a Summer Bucket List and I found myself a little overwhelmed by the list and struggling with a way to scrap it, so this year I put together a collection that will help me organize the list a little better and use my phone pictures to document each activity!  The collection is called The List and it is available in both a 4 x 4 InstaLife version and a 3 x 4 Journal Card version and you can use the collection to create digital layouts as well!  First I’d like to show you the products and then explain just some of the different ways you can use them!

The Project

zgl_IL_startThe Starter Pack [IL, JC] includes 200 cards to get you well on your way!  The set includes “list cards” for you to write down all the items on your list with a check box next to them so you can mark them off as you complete them!  It also includes 3 different cards for daily journaling (in 7 different colors each), cards with the days of the week (in 7 different colors each) and 14 decorative cards.The List {Starter Pack} / InstaLife Cards includes 2×8 Number Strips that can be used in the Simple Stories Snap Album and The List {Starter Pack} / Journal Cards includes a set of 3×4 Number Cards.

zgl_JC_sumThe Month Cards include one card for each day of the month!  You can purchase them separately- June [IL, JC], July [IL, JC],  and August [IL, JC], – or you can purchase all three in the Summer Bundle [IL, JC]!





zgl_JC_jrnThe Journey Cards [IL, JC] are a perfect companion to the Starter Pack or they can be used on their own to document things like vacations or personal journeys.  This set includes 100 cards labeled with the day count (ex. Day One, Day Two, Day Three, etc).

You can use the Journey cards to organize your album by day, the Number Strips/Cards to organize your album by prompt or the Month Cards to organize your album by date!


zgl_IL_funThe Fun Cards [IL, JC] are just that!  Just fun little graphic cards you can add to your albums!


You can also purchase The Starter Pack, Summer Bundle & Journey Cards all together in The List {Bundle} [IL, JC] at a discounted price!  And this week, you will also get The List {Fun Cards} FREE when you purchase their coordinating Bundle!!  And this weekend only- if you use this code you can save 30% OFF any of The List products!  CODE: zgl_blog_30  Expires: 5/19/13

Here are some different ways you can use the cards to document your summer bucket lists!

Kami’s InstaLife Album

I am using the Simple Stories Sn@p System and both The List {Bundle}/ InstaLife Cards and The List {Bundle}/ Journal Cards to create my Summer Bucket List Album!  The Sn@p Albums have photo sleeves that have 1- 2×8 pocket & 2- 4×4 pockets (pictured) as well as photo sleeves that have 4- 3×4 pockets (pictured) and 2- 3×4 pockets & 1- 4×6 pocket.  I plan on doing a 2 page spread for each prompt!_ZGL1235

Jen’s InstaLife Album

_ZGL1236Jen is using The List {Bundle}/ InstaLife Cards and We R Memory Keepers 12 x 12 photo sleeves (pictured) to document her Summer Bucket List!  She plans to just add the photo sleeves to her existing album and scrap 12 x 12 digital layouts that coordinate and slip them in the album too!


Cheryl’s Digital Pages

SummerBucketList_CoverCheryl is creating a completely digital album!  She is using a set of templates she created just for this project (more about that below), The List {Bundle}  / Journal Cards and the free coordinating digital papers and elements (more about that below the below)!!  She has created some starter pages a head of time so she is ready to just drop her pictures in as she gets them!


Kristin’s Digital Pages

4 51 Kristin is using The List {Bundle}  / InstaLife Cards and the free coordinating digital papers and elements and creating 8 x 8 digital pages for her album!  She will print them up as 1- 8 x 8 image and just slip them in to her album!  [Starting this weekend Persnickety Prints will be having a sale on their 8 x 8 photo prints!  Stock up on print credits and print your pages for just $.74 each!!!]

Other Options & Resources

As you can see there are a number of different ways you can use these products to document your Summer Bucket Lists!  Here are a couple more examples and products I think work well with this system!

Britanee used The List {Bundle}  / Journal Cards to map out her upcoming summer, the events and the important dates that she is looking forward to:


Credit: britaneejean

I seriously love this!  I love how she used the month cards to highlight special dates, the day cards for weekly activities and the list card to highlight some of the exciting events coming up this summer!!

Cheryl of Fiddle-Dee-Dee Designs just released a template pack that coordinates with this project!  You can use the cards and her templates to make 12 x 12 digital layouts for your album (or shrink them down to 10 x 10 or 8 x 8)!



PhonePhotographyBannerBig Picture Classes is enrolling for a new workshop called The Phone Photography Project!  It looks amazing and it’s a great way to learn how to get the most out of your phone cameras!  The list of instructors alone is super exciting- including Katrina Kennedy of Capture Your 365, Chari Pack from Persnickety Prints, Liz Tamanaha of Paisley Press & Ali Edwards  to name just a few!!


qualitySpeaking of Persnickety Prints!  Chari sent over a coupon for you guys!  Use this code and get FREE SHIPPING with a 4×4 print order of $5 or more!! Just submit your InstaLife orders before June 14 and use this code: ziggleship!  I have a tutorial on how to order InstaLife Cards from Persnickety that you can check out here!

I created a Facebook Group where we can build our Summer Bucket Lists, share your favorite activities, find new activities from others and get tips and tricks for documenting our lists!  It is open to everyone!  If you’d like to join, click here!!

And lastly, I have some freebies for you!

First, if you are anything like me, during a project like this- you’re bound to have some missteps.  In fact one of the things that can overwhelm me the most about these kinds of projects is the pressure of completing it perfectly and making sure I get everything done, photographed, journaled  and in my album.  Especially if you are organizing the album by prompt (which I am) and you’re putting your written list in your album (which I am)!  So I have built some wiggle room in to the project!  There will be prompts that don’t get done, days that start out with great intentions and end up a giant mess, photo ops that are completely missed and to be honest- things I may think at the beginning will be great fun but then decide down the line are just not something I want to do!  So I created a special set of cards for just those instances!  It’s called The List {Oops} and there is an InstaLife version here on my blog and a Journal Cards version on my Ziggle Designs Facebook! [Links Expired]



And because I am a digi girl at heart, I created some digital elements and papers that coordinate with this collection so you can create digital layouts for your Summer Bucket List! You can also use the papers and elements to create your own custom journal cards and send them to be printed at Persnickety Prints or print them up at home!  You can pick up The List {Paper Pack} on Fiddle-Dee-Dee Design’s Blog and The List {Element Pack} on Fiddle-Dee-Dee Design’s Facebook Page!



And congratulations to Tammy [May 15, 2013 at 3:23 pm]!  You won your choice of either collection in my blog giveaway!  Email me at kami at scraporchard dot com and let me know which one you want!!!

Thank you guys for stopping by!  I’d love to see your Summer Bucket List Projects!!  Come join our Facebook Group and share with us!!


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