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Totally Rad! has a $50 coupon right now and I’m totally excited about it!  I can’t even tell you how much I love RadLab!!  This is one of my all-time favorite products.  So I thought I’d show you really quick why there really is no other way to describe RadLab than- TOTALLY RAD!- and why purchasing RadLab will be the best money you ever spent!  You will never buy another photo action set again!

RadLab is a photo editing plug in for Photoshop.  I’m using PSCS5, but you can use it in Photoshop Elements (v7 and newer)!  At the very least, I recommend you download the trial and test it for yourself!  But with the $50 off coupon right now, you just can’t afford to not grab it now!!

OK!  So here’s why RadLab rocks!!  I’m gonna walk you through editing a photo.

This is a picture I took of Zoe last month.  It’s ok.  I’m definitely not going to win any awards for it, but it’s an ok photo.

I open the photo up in Photoshop and on the top right you can see the layer for RadLab.  I have the plug-in set to apply the filter to a smart layer, but you also have the option to apply  the filter to a new layer or to the same layer.

I click on the Open Rad Lab Button and the plug-in opens a new window where you can preview your photo on the left (as it will appear with the applied filters) and thumbnails of all the different filters:

Right above the thumbnails there are two tabs- one for Stylets & one for Recipes.  Right now we’ll be working under the Stylet tab but in a little bit I’m going to show you the Recipes (and you’re gonna flip!!).

You simply click on the filters you want to apply.  I started with “Lights On”, to lighten the photo a bit:

As you can see in the preview on the left- I now have a real time preview of how the filter has adjusted my photo.  It has also adjusted the thumbnails of the filters so you can see how the filter will look when it’s applied on top of the filter(s) you’ve already applied!

I can use the sliders in the Current Recipe palette on the right to increase or decrease the strength of the filter and the preview will immediately reflect the changes.  Once I have the filter how I want it, I simply click on another thumbnail to add another filter to the photo:

In this step, I’ve added the Oh, Snap! Filter and adjusted the Strength and Snap a little bit.  If you’re not sure if you want to apply the filter or not, never fear!  You can actually mouse-over the filter thumbnail and it will show you a quick preview of how the photo will look if you apply the filter:

In this screenshot, I’ve got my mouse on Get Faded Winter and I kinda like how it looks.  So I go ahead and add it to my Recipe list.  But now I think that I don’t care for the way it’s combining with the Oh, Snap! Filter- so, I’m gonna just turn the Oh, Snap! Filter off by checking the box next to the filter name in the Recipe Layer (yup- it’s that easy!):

I adjusted the Get Faded Winter filter a little bit and now I’m really super happy with the way my photo looks and I’m just about ready to apply it!  BUT FIRST- I’m going to save this recipe so when I go to edit the rest of the photos in this series, I can very quickly apply the exact same recipe to the photos!

I click on Save in the Recipe palette.  I’m gonna save this recipe as L.O.V.E.

Then I click Finish in the lower right corner and the plug-in applies the filters to a smart layer and I am back in my original photoshop window:

Um… yeah- that rocks!  OK!  But now I’m gonna show you something else that rocks even more!!  Remember that saved recipe?  I’m gonna apply the same filter to another photo I took at the same time- because well… I’m gonna scrap these photos in the same layout and I want them to look similar!


I open up my photo in the RadLab plug- in but this time I click on the Recipe tab at the top and I scroll down until I find the L.O.V.E. recipe.  I click on the recipe and- viola, now I have the exact same filter that I applied to my first photo:

Hmmm… but what if I forgot to save that recipe?  Totally Rad! has got your back!!  If you forget to save a recipe and you want to go back later and apply a recipe you’ve created, there is actually a history of the last few recipes you created under the Recipe tab!

Just scroll down to the bottom of the Recipe thumbnails and you can find the History of your Recipes!

Yeah- it’s TOTALLY RAD!  There are a ton of different filters to chose from when building your recipe and the possibilities are seriously- endless.  Here are just a couple different recipes I applied to the same photo:




I honestly don’t know how I ever lived without this plug-in.  It has made editing my photos so fast and simple.  No more running an entire action on a photo just to realize you really don’t like the way it looks and then having to start all over with another action!  No more trying to remember exactly how you adjusted the action on the last photo so you can get this photo to have the same effect! Seriously- it’s awesome!!!!



Expires: 5/16/12

Save $50 on your order of $99 or more!

OK!  So this is why you should jump all over this coupon from Totally Rad!  RadLab is normally $149 but with the $50 off coupon, you can grab it for $99!! I have had RadLab for about 6 months now and I haven’t even touched any of the other photo actions that I have.

3 thoughts on “Why Totally Rad!?

  1. Krisi

    So… if I want to learn to use Lightroom (which I have already purchased) is this then not needed? Well it would still be useful but doesn’t Lightroom do the same sort of thing?? Oh this is so confusing what I need/want to make scrapping easy!

  2. Kami

    Well… I am not a Lightroom person, unfortunately!! So I’m not gonna be much help there! Do they mention anything on their website about Lightroom?

  3. Chelle

    Krisi, RadLab has “presets” for Lightroom also. Personally I don’t know anything about lightroom, but RadLab does. Check out their lightroom stuffs.

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