I’m ashamed to say that I haven’t had a chance to actually scrap- for myself- for far too long.  I decided to set some time aside every week to make a layout or two- just for me- and to get back to the whole reason I am in this industry- which is because I love digital scrapbooking!  So over the past month, I’ve actually scrapped about a dozen layouts (and loved every minute of it) and decided I had enough layouts to submit a print order.  Since I haven’t scrapped in a long time, I also haven’t ordered prints in a long time.  When I used to scrap more regularly, I sent my prints to WHCC, because I had an account with them from my photography business and their prices were reasonable (if I remember correctly- and it has been a while- it was about $3.50 per page).  I know, I know…. I hear your gasps of disbelief.  But- keeping in mind it’s been a long time- at that time, not many places printed 12 x 12 images and one thing I have never wanted to sacrifice was quality.  I printed layouts with some of the bigger name printers and even though the price was a little cheaper (but not much), the quality of the layouts didn’t even come close to the quality I got from WHCC.  And honestly- I would have paid more than that to paper scrap the layout, so it didn’t bother me.

I had already decided to send my print order to Persnickety Prints because I’ve heard so many good things about them and I just love Chari.  But for fun, I popped over to my WHCC account to check out the price and was surprised to see the 12 x 12 prints are $4.15 now.  Compared to $1.99 at Persnickety Prints, it was a no-brainer.  So I sent my order in and then I kinda forgot about it.  Two days later, I had a package on my doorstep!  I opened it up and was blown away by the quality of my prints!!!!  They are just as beautiful as the prints I got from WHCC and a fraction of the price!

I thought I would share with you, because sometimes it’s hard to weed through all the options and find the best quality for the best price.  In my opinion, Persnickety Prints provides top notch, professional quality for less than half the price of a professional photo lab.  If you haven’t tried Persnickety Prints, I highly recommend you send them a layout and see for yourself!

And since I’m talking about my layouts, I thought I’d share some of them with you!

Ok that’s all for now!  I’ll be back tomorrow to discuss how I’ve fallen behind on my P:LM layouts (I know- double gasp) and how I’m going to get back on the ball and catch up!

3 thoughts on “Perfect Prints by Persnickety!!

  1. Chari

    Ahhhh- thanks Kami. Being a scrapper and not finding “affordable” quality prints- I know where you are coming from! That is why we started Persnickety Prints! :) After spending so much time on your layouts – you want a good final product. Our goal is to let everyone feel the joy of opening their “persnickety” package!

  2. Meredith Cardall

    Kami, your pages are absolutely adorable! I’m glad you were able to find scrap time. It’s hard sometimes to find time for the hobby part of what has become a full-time job. I’m glad you loved your prints from Persnickety Prints. They’re my favorite place to print! :)

  3. Candi1973 in Colorado

    Girl, beeeautiful layouts! Wowzers! I love your style, it hadn’t dawned on me that I hadn’t seen a layout from you in awhile! Thanks for sharing!

    I must throw my 2 cents in about Persnickity Prints. THEY ARE THE BOMB! THE BEST! THE SNIZZLE! THE AWESOMEST! THE COOLEST! AND……..you’re right, NO ONE CAN BEAT THEIR PRICES!

    Chari is awesome and her customer service is super top-notch! She sent me a sample layout awhile back and I was just FLOORED by the quality. I don’t have enough layouts to send to print just yet. BUT! If I get my butt on over to Vegas to hang w/ you all, I just might have PLENT to send to print!

    Thanks for sharing, girl. Zoe is so sweet and beautiful!


    P.S. I LOVE YOUR NEW BLOG! The header looks sahweet!

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